Brigitte Herbomez Elected Deputy Managing Volupal

Brigitte Herbomez Elected Deputy Managing Director of French Distribution Network Volupal

To accompany its continuous growth the Steering Committee of Volupal has elected Brigitte Herbomez as Deputy Managing Director.

The main mission of Brigitte Herbomez will consist in defining and implementing the network's development strategy. In this context she will also be in charge of adapting the Volupal product range to the evolution of customer needs.

As a Member of the Steering Committee indicates: "The election of a Deputy Managing Director is part of our desire to accompany the growth dynamic of Volupal. The experience and expertise of Brigitte Herbomez in the field of distribution networks combined with her knowledge of Volupal constitute a major asset in our ambition to gain new market share.

Brigitte Herbomez has a significant experience and expertise in transport and logistics. She has been a member of the Volupal Steering Committee for more than 3 years. She is also the Managing Director of the French subsidiary of the Dutch Group Wim Bosman.

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