For logistic processes, it is essential to manage the information flow. This applies to the information on your goods in the warehouses as well as information on shipments on their way to your customers. Mainfreight invests continuously in functional IT-solutions. We do this because we believe that good IT offers great advantages for all parties in the Supply Chain. All our IT-solutions are gathered under the name E-Logistics.


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and means the following: “Electronic exchange of information between parties in the form of structured messages.”


E-Shipment makes it easy to book shipments online. Not only for domestic distribution, but also for import and export transport.

Track & Trace systems

Mainfreight offers several Track & Trace systems. Click 'Continue' for more information.


Barcodes prevent delays due to wrong labels. To improve the Track & Trace and to check the goods within our warehouses, it is essential that your goods are equipped with barcodes before loading them.

Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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