Frequently Asked Questions about E-Shipment

  1. Is it possible for E-Shipment to remember standardized information in some fields?
    Yes, under the button Extra you can configure standard values for some fields for each type of service. Click on: "Configuration of default value" . You can configure the following fields: Type of package, Incoterm, Currency, Description of goods, Country, UN-number. It is always
    possible to change these settings / information.
  2. Does E-Shipment have special demands on software?
    In order to use E-shipment you will need Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher or Netscape 6.0 or higher. You also need Adobe Reader 5.0 because the E-Shipment labels are displayed in PDF. For technical support please click the help button once you are logged in.
  3. Can I change shipments after I have send them to Mainfreight?
    Already send shipments through Loading list/ EDI cannot be changed anymore in E-Shipment. You need to contact Mainfreight to change the shipment details.
  4. Shipments which have been placed on the loading list/EDI can be changed before they are send.
    By selecting the shipment in the overview list, the shipment will be opened. By clicking on the black truck with the red stripe across you will deselect the shipment from to loading list. All fields will return black and you can now change the information. By clicking on the black truck you will put the shipment on the loading list again.
    Please note: if you have changed the addresses or the number of packages please reprint the labels for this shipment.
  5. E-Shipment seems to be slow, how is this possible?
    E-Shipment is a system which uses the Internet. Although Internet connection speed is becoming faster every day internet connection speed is something which is hard to grasp. Internet connection speed and therefore the speed of E-Shipment is influenced by the following things:
    - A slow connection speed of the Internet in your neighbourhood.
    - Many users on the internet within your company. You will have to share you connection.
    - Security settings in your own IT. Heavy security will slow down the internet connection speed.  
    - Many users on the E-Shipment system. Usually late in the afternoon many companies send their shipments to Mainfreight.
  6. Is my password for Track & Trace the same as for E-Shipment?
    No, for security reasons these two passwords are different.
  7. Which service should I choose?
    Via E-Shipment you can book shipments for several services. For this you must choose a type of service in the New Order screen. You can choose the following services:

    Domestic Distribution
    For shipments within the Netherlands.

    European Forwarding
    For Export shipments you choose European Forwarding

    Request for pick-up via Forwarding
    For shipments which have to be collected from another town/country and have to be shipped to your company you should choose Request for pick-up via Forwarding. For example: A shipment from your supplier/customer back to your company. Your supplier/customer is the sender and your company is the recipient.

    Choose SystemPlus if you are a customer of SystemPlus. You can only book export shipments via SystemPlus.
  8. I receive an alert that Windows cannot open and print the file label.lbp.
    You do not have Adobe Reader installed or correctly configured. Please install Adobe reader.
  9. Should I put a label on the shipment?
    Yes, it is important that you put our label on your shipment for recognitions purposes. Having no label can delay the shipment.
  10. Are there other ways to print the label?
    Some label printers are capable of printing a PDF file. Your label printer should be Windows configured from your computer. For the services Domestic distribution and European Forwarding labels are available in PDF specific for a Label Printer. For the service SystemPlus the Label is only available in ZPL2 format. For more details please consult your IT department before you consult us.
  11. What should I do with the Loading list which I get after sending the shipments?
    On the loadings list all shipments are listed which you have handed over to the driver. You can ask the driver to sign for receipt. In that case please print the loadings list twice. One for you, one for us. A legal Way bill is still required.
    The loading list is only valid from your company to Mainfreight.
  12. Is there a check on the postal codes in E-Shipment?
    For the following countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria there is a postal code check. In case of an invalid postal code and city combination you will receive an alert.
  13. Usage of the different packaging types.
    If you ship your goods on a "Euro sized one way pallet", you should choose the packaging type EWPALN or EWPALS
    If you ship your goods on a "block pallet sized one way pallet", you should choose the packaging type BLPL/N or BLPL/S
    If you ship your goods on a "normal Euro pallet", you should choose the packaging type EURO/N or EURO/S.
    S stands for Stackable and N for Not stackable.

Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
Please contact us for more information or ask for a quote.